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👋🏻 Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a software engineer based in Lehi, UT.

I’m a detail-oriented developer, focused on good architecture, test-covered code, and favor precision over speed. I’m a perfect fit for the “make it right” stage of your company.

Outside of the office you can find me coding side projects, playing tabletop games with friends, woodworking, rock climbing, or just relaxing with family.


I’m a full stack developer with significant experience in multiple front-end and back-end frameworks. I’ve dug into tooling enough to understand how it works, but I’m not your go-to guy for optimizing your webpack setup. I’m likewise not a DB wizard, but I know enough to do the day to day tasks. I’ve recently started diving into AWS, kubernetes, etc. on side projects but haven’t been in it enough to make it stick.

TLDR; I can do the job, do it right, and whatever I don’t know right now I would love to learn :)



Full Stack Engineer

July 2018 - Present

I work on the Integrations Team building robust integrations with partner vendors. I am the principal code owner for one of the these integrations. This has involved increasing the integration’s reliability/stability and adding robust error monitoring, and test coverage.

Tech Stack:

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BYU Archaeology

Front-End Engineer and Product Owner

Feb 2016 - June 2018

I was the lead developer for a team of three. I worked with the project director to determine features and deliverables. I built a large portion of our frontend as well as designed the UI/UX. Started building a graphql server near the end of my time there.

Tech Stack:

Novi Security

Software Developer Intern

Summer 2015

This is where I got my start as a developer. I worked on both the angular.js/phonegap mobile app and a prototype website. I wasn't super familiar with web dev or working on a large team, so this helped me get my feet wet. I learned the basics of agile and scrum and was introduced to build processes, testing, and project management. I left knowing how to start a front-end project on my own which quickly led to a bunch of side projects for furthering my education.

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